Symphony of thunder comes
Cellos, bassoons, horns, and drums
When the stream of raindrops flows
Violins and piccolos


Cold of Space

Proceed at a slower pace
Out there in the cold of space
Far beyond your birthing place
Will you see another face?


Dreams Appear

Dreams appear without a warning
Scatter in the bright of morning
Dance along a lid that’s blind
Leaving treasures in the mind



To my mother, fairest rose
Poetry, of these and those
These pleasures forced the clock to turn
Were those which I could only yearn



A trialed permutation means
A way to build anew machines
As two converge for novel feat
So too diverge just to compete



Yes, three directions you can drift
One, out, collides with all that’s swift
Two, down, a large mass stops the shift
Three, round, a force, reacts to lift


A Death Will Mask

A death will mask you though you’ve won
A close is brought when all is done
Were it to continue more
Reason would decrease the score


The Moon

The mooN floats high above the clouds
The winds Try hard but cannot push it
The sea Foams high excited for the chase
But the pebbleS hold tight and will not lose it



One is hid and one laid bare
Risk is added to the pair
Can’t exceed if twenty-one
Player with the most has won